Software Development

Software Development

At Miratech we develop software that is right for the job. Whether you need a desktop application, a multi-user, multi-server database with modules for different users, or a secure web-based system with access from anywhere then we will build the right solution.

We have many years of experience in building applications and databases. We use the latest Microsoft development tools to create efficient and user-friendly software with the latest user interfaces.

A bespoke system can be built to precisely meet your needs. Often the costs for Miratech system development costs can be lower than that of an off-the-shelf package, and the support that goes along with making it work for you. A bespoke system will be built for you, it will in increase your efficiency and it will grow with your business.

Software Devlopment

Your web site may be modern and functional, giving your clients an excellent impression of your company (particularly if it was developed by Miratech) but you may need more than that. With a web-based bespoke development you could offer your clients much more interaction with your business and gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. There are other benefits to building your software for the web of course – access from anywhere, hosted data with backups, no need for roll out, and more.

We make software development a simple process. Our main focus is understanding your needs and mapping your processes. We spend time with our clients, building the specification together so that we can all see a clear path to the creation and implementation of the right solution. If we feel that you would be better off with an existing product or an enhancement to your current software then we will say. Our aim is to help you get right tools for the job.

If you want a free discussion on how software can help to improve your business please get in touch.

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